Whether it is a family holiday or a business trip, it is important to have your travel insurance arrangements in place.
In the event of an accident or loss of property, having the right insurance gives you peace of mind and reduces financial loss.
(Please note that the travel insurance terms may vary by country and issuer so please refer to the terms and conditions provided by your issuing bank)
  • 01Travel Accident
    To receive your travel accident insurance simply pay for your trip (and your family's) with your UnionPay Card. A typical travel insurance policy only covers personal injury or illness rather than permanent disability or death, whereas the UnionPay insurance policy provides high premium-rate coverage for all unexpected events during the entire trip starting from the moment you arrive at the airport/port/railway/bus station.
  • 02Lost Card Protection
    We understand the distress that is caused when your credit card is either lost or stolen. Theft of credit cards and subsequent fraudulent transactions are most likely to occur during holidays and tours, but with UnionPay you are protected. Our partner provides you with a risk management and control service that compensates you for all financial losses incurred due to unauthorized use of your credit card within 7 days of the date you report that your card has been lost.