UnionPay Card Emergency services consist of Emergency Cash Service and Emergency Card Replacement. UnionPay Cardholders may apply for the emergency services if they are experiencing emergencies like card lost, stolen or malfunction. Cardholders from Mainland China can call the hotline of the issuing bank or local UnionPay hotline to apply for an emergency cash assistance capped at the equivalent of USD 5,000.

For Cardholders of UnionPay Cards issued out of Mainland China(not available for non-reloadable pre-paid cards), Cardholders may also call issuing bank or local UnionPay hotline to apply for Emergency Card Replacement service.

The overseas emergency cash assistance service is targeted at UnionPay cardholders (card number starting with 62) at home and abroad who are experiencing malfunctioning UnionPay cards when withdrawing cash.

Cardholders can call the hotline of domestic issuing bank or UnionPay hotline to apply for the service and then get the cash at the emergency cash assistance service outlet. Emergency cash assistance can be completed within the day at the soonest (subject to authorization by the issuing bank and the actual situation of the service outlet).

UnionPay card emergency cash assistance service covers over 400,000 Assist Card and Suhuijin outlets in 220 countries and regions as well as designated local bank outlets in 20 countries and regions including Hong kong China, Macau China, Taiwan China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Luxembourg, U.S., Canada and Australia. The service can also be accessible in more than 10,000 outlets in 124 cities in China.

The service was provided as of September 2011, subject to authorization by the issuing bank.
The application process for a UnionPay card emergency cash service is:
  • 1. The cardholder calls their issuing bank or the UnionPay hotline to apply for the service
  • 2. The issuing bank validates the identity of cardholder and collects the information required to provide the service
  • 3. The issuing bank confirms the service details and the outlet address where the cardholder will collect the cash from
  • 4. The cardholder collects the emergency cash at the service point
  • 5. The cardholder repays the principal amount of the emergency cash that was disbursed plus a service fee.