The UnionPay Concierge service is not just for the luxury traveler or the high flier. Our concierge service can be used by all cardholders to help with everyday tasks as well as assist with special requirements, including travel, entertainment, shopping, business, and other personal needs.
  • Travel
    Our Services including:
    Consultation about vaccination requirements prior to travel
    Recommendations for tourist attractions and destinations
    Assistance with hotel recommendations and reservations
    Recommendations for cultural and historical tours
    Assistance with flight information and reservations
    Inquiry and reservation of luxury cruises
    Assistance with train information and reservations
    Recommendations for preferred shopping destinations
    Assistance with the rental, recommendation and reservation of luxury cars
    Assistance with changes in travel plans
    Overseas translation assistance
  • Entertainment
    Our Services including:
    Recommendations and reservations of golf courses
    Recommendations and reservations for dining locations
    Golf activity planning and arrangements
    Private dining assistance
    Reservations for activities and performances
    Inquiry and reservation of private clubs
    Ticket reservations at sporting events
    Event planning assistance
    Information and recommendation of SPAs, fitness centers and sports centers
  • Shopping
    Our Services including:
    Flowers and gift delivery service
    Recommendations for tailored clothing
    Information about large shopping malls
  • Business
    Our Services including:
    Information and recommendations for conference facilities
    Courier services
    Information transfer services
    Translation services